About Us

About us

“the ability to discern what is true and right… clear insight…”

∞ Eight (the infinity symbol)
“going the furthest possible distance…”

We believe that world-class coaching should inspire leaders to access their inner wisdom, to see beyond their own limits and go the greatest possible distance in pursuit of a clear goal. That takes courage and passion, and the results are transformational. It's why we love what we do and why we created Wisdom8.

Wisdom8 today

Wisdom8 today

We were founded in 2007 by Katherine Tulpa who is also the Global CEO and Co-founder of the Association for Coaching, one of the leading professional coaching bodies in the world.

Today we are present in over 20 international markets, giving us a truly diverse and global outlook, whilst never compromising on the bespoke service we provide to each and every client.

Our integrated coaching approach

We work with every client to create a unique programme that addresses their needs and goals. These are met by using the gold standard in executive coaching - an 'integrative' approach.

Our expert coaches are all trained in a variety of coaching modalities that they use in a seamless way to really unearth or surface what is going on, access the inner wisdom that will unlock the challenge, and create the paradigm shift that will lead to new perspectives, action and impact.

Our integrated coaching approach

What makes our coaches and teams special?

We’ve been building the Wisdom8 team since 2007. Our coaches are experienced business leaders and top calibre coaches, which gives them a distinct edge when working with C-Suite teams all over the world. Our collaborative team also learn, peer-supervise and train together to further hone their impact. That’s what makes us so effective, different and special, and so passionate about our mission to accelerate executive performance and growth.

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Financial Services
Client Quote

Working with Heather has been incredibly valuable to me. I appreciated having someone independent to bounce ideas off and to plan how to approach people issues or dilemmas that I had. Heather’s business background means that she appreciates the world I operate in and the associated challenges.

Global Head of Hedge Fund Research
Investment Bank
Professional Services
Client Quote

Andy really help us to improve how we work as a team. He unlocked not only better mutual understanding across the management team but created the foundation for real and positive changes to happen.

Real Estate Management
New Media
Client Quote

On a personal level, Alison has provided me with a tremendous opportunity to stand back from my role within the business and examine my behaviours, motivations, and key issues with great objectivity and insight.

Managing Director
Client Quote

Annie has been both a challenging and supportive coach. When starting a new role and with the need to quickly integrate into a different operating environment, Annie was particularly helpful in understanding the stakeholders and relationships to be built and managed. 

Operations Director
Client Quote

I particularly enjoyed my Wisdom8 coaching sessions. We tend to compartmentalise our lives into work, fun, family, friends etc and as such focus our leadership development on our ‘work self’. My coach quickly built a picture of my full life, priorities and goals and set to work helping be re-frame, explore and learn.

General Manager
Marketing EU
Client Quote

I benefited tremendously from Cathy’s coaching. Cathy has a knack for creating epiphany moments that bring everything into focus. Cathy’s approach was a good balance of deeper exploration and pragmatism and I would highly recommend her.

Marketing Director
FTSE-100 Insurance Firm
Transport and Travel
Client Quote

Working with my Wisdom8 coach has been a very positive experienceI have come to understand how important it is to spend quality time to reflect on things that have taken place, think about if that was the right way of handling it and creating space to “helicopter” and think about wider longer terms issues.

HR Director
Client Quote

I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline as an extremely effective coach; someone who is giving & empathetic and yet challenging; highly intelligent and perceptive; a true professional who genuinely helps executives improve their performance.

Vice President
International Retail Group
Client Quote

With honesty and directness, Tracy creates an atmosphere of trust in our coaching sessions, this allows me to be very open and honest about how I feel and what I think about any given topic. Tracy is also great at drilling into the crux of the topic, peeling away the layers that may surround ensuring that we get to the discussion that really matters.

European Pharmaceutical Company
Client Quote

Katherine helped me to effectively manage a global transformation, lead the company through a global pandemic and manage my way through sone executive level conflicts. I have had several coaches as an exec. Katherine is by far the most effective and impactful.

Technology Solutions
Client Quote

Katherine has a unique way of getting to the heart of things, creating clarity out of chaos and enabling you to focus on what matters. She drives genuine self awareness and equips you with real world tools to be better.

Private Equity and Asset Management
Client Quote

I have worked with Nicholas to review a specific investment decision and to improve my investment analysis. I would recommend Nicholas for every investor who wants to improve decision making, gain a deeper understanding of oneself and who is willing to dive into their behavioural biases. He asks great questions. Each time I learn something new. He makes me feel that I’m doing very well and challenges me to achieve even better performance.

Managing Partner
Investment firm
Client Quote

Thank you for the opportunity to be coached by Angela. Wisdom8 has been amazing to work with and from a personal perspective I can’t imagine a better coaching situation than the one I have had with Angela.

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