Why? Wisdom Retreats take the benefits of Strategic Offsites to a higher dimension by hosting these in a serene venue that cater to the wellbeing and performance of top leaders. These typically range from a 2 - 5 days, at a desirable location to accommodate cross-cultural Executive Teams.

Some of the business and team challenges that Wisdom Retreats address are the following:

CEO Challenges

No time or space to explore the big questions
Lack of earnest push back
Changing leadership paradigms
Work life balance and general well being
Longing for personal purpose and meaning
Intrinsic and extrinsic performance expectations
Comparing ideas and aspirations safely
Lack of personal insight and self confrontation
Ethical concerns
Generation gaps in the workplace

Team Challenges
Lack of sense of purpose
People pulling in different directions
50% of time wasted on work that isn't contributing to success
Insufficient focus and discipline
Good ideas but insufficient follow-through to get results
Lack of open, honest communication
Fear of conflict
Unhealthy business relationships

Business Challenges
Sales performance
Profit performance
Loss of market share
Increasing costs
Constant threat of survival
Constant change
Global markets
Market saturation

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