The Wisdom8 team are sought after industry experts, authors and writers to the coaching profession. Below highlights some of our recent published work:

Katherine Tulpa's (Executive Director of Wisdom8)
Co-author in Association for Coaching's Leadership Coaching,  “Coaching Global Top Teams”  (Kogan Page, Feb 2010)
Co-author in Association for Coaching's Diversity in Coaching, "Coaching in Europe" (Kogan Page, Feb 2009)
Article, "Personal Development for HR Directors" (HR Director, April 2008).
Co-author in Association for Coaching's Excellence in Coaching, the Industry Guide, "Coaching within Organisations" (Kogan Page, Sept 2006)
International Editorial Board member for Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, (Taylor & Francis).
Project director, Association for Coaching's , Psychometrics in Coaching (Kogan Page, April 2008)
Technical Reviewer of Coaching related books for Kogan Page (2006 - present)
Technical Advisor for Coaching for Dummies and Work/Life Balance for Dummies series, (John Wiley & Sons, 2006 - present)
Contributor/ Advisor to industry press (i.e. HR Zone, Coaching and Training Today, Coaching at Work, TJ Online, etc.)
Article, "Coaching for Influence & Impact" in Coach the Coach (Fenman 2005)
Article, "Coaching for Corporate and Employee Wellbeing" in Coach the Coach (Fenman 2005)

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