Many members of the Wisdom8 team are available for keynotes and talks on leadership, coaching and board effectiveness. Below are examples of some of these by our Executive Director:

Katherine Tulpa
Speaker, Coaching in a Global Landscape, EXCO 2015: (USA); June 2015
Lecturer, Imperial College Business School’s ELITE Programme (London); Jan 2015 
 Keynote, AC’s Journey to Coaching Mastery International Conference (Budapest); Oct 2014
Speaker - Leading a Cross-Cultural Team, WBECs Conference (Virtual); June, 2014
Master-class – Strategic Leadership in the 21st Century, (Sao Paulo) April 2014
Keynote – Creating a Coaching Culture for Longterm Results’’ HR & Nationalisation Conference; (Muscat); March 2014
Keynote – CEO as Coach’, World Coaching Congress (Mumbai); Feb 2014 
Keynote Coaching Global Leaders, 1st Coaching Summit (Istanbul); Dec 2011
Keynote - Aspire's, 'Life, Work, World' Leadership Conference (London); Nov 2011
Chair, Speaker, Panel member 2nd Annual Global HR Summit (Rome); Oct 2011
Speaker - Leading a Cross-Cultural Team, WBEC Conference (USA); August, 2011
Speaker 'Virtual Leadership', Global Coaching Summit (London); June 2011
Speaker - 'Being a Top Mentor', Marketing Hall of Legends; (London) May 2011
Keynote The Future of Coaching, AC Ireland Conference (Dublin); April 2011
Speaker Coaching Top Teams, AC Ireland Conference (London); July 2010
Opening Address - Going Global 2010, AC International Conference; March 2010
Master-class - Mapping the Landscape of Coaching  (UK);  Jan. 2010
Keynote - Coaching Global Top Teams, ETD Summit 2009 (Barcelona); Sept 2009
Chair – CIPD Coaching at Work Conference 2009 (London); Sept 2009
Speaker - Meyer Campbell’s Coaching Fishbowl event (London); May 2009
Master-class - Building Leadership through Coaching, WMGA Conference; Oct 2008
Opening Address – Embracing Excellence, AC International Conference 2008, Mar 2008
Beyond Behavioural Coaching – ITOL Convention (London, British Library); Dec 2007
Keynote Address - Czech Coaching Association Conference (Prague); Sept. 2007
The Spell of Coaching - CIPD Midlands Conference (Birmingham); June 2007
Excellence in Coaching: a platform for performance - Association for Coaching (Dublin and Belfast); June 2007
Keynote address - CIPD Northwest Conference (Manchester); March 2007
Keynote address - Coaches in Government Forum (London); Feb. 2007
Excellence in Coaching: key themes from the Industry Guide - EREC (London); May 2007
Keynote Address - Advancing Coaching in Scotland Conference (Edinburgh); Nov. 2006
Power & Influence: a master-class - Xansa MCC Forums (UK & India); Nov. 2006
The Coach Approach to Leadership - IOD Development Forum (Birmingham); Oct 2006
Influencing Self and Others - Aspire Leadership Seminar (London); Oct. 2006
Power & Impact, Aspire Leadership Seminars (London); August Sept. 2006
Finding your Voice and Being Heard - BT Diversity Forum (London) ; May 2006
Assertiveness: getting the balance right- CitiGroup Seminar (London); April 2006
Building a Personal Brand - British Luxury Council Members Forum (London); Feb 2006
Opening Address - Leading the Way, AC International Conference (London); March 2006
Expert Panel - Coaching Essentials 2005 Conference (London); April 2005
Opening Address - Breaking Through, AC International Conference (London); Oct. 2004
Expert Panel - BPS Special Coaching Forum Conference (London); May 2004

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